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Forecast Verifications

The Twentieth session of North Eurasia Climate Outlook Forum (NEACOF-20)

The North Eurasian Climate Center (NEACC) holds the 20th session of the North Eurasian Climate Forum (NEACOF-20) in online format from May 20 to 21, 2021 using the ZOOM platform.

The goal of NEACOF-20 is to issue a consensus forecast of air temperature and precipitation for summer 2021 over the North Eurasia and provide a comprehensive discussion some of scientific and practical issues on the climate services, including development of methods and technologies for climate forecasting; monitoring of climate variability at regional scale; the analysis of large-scale atmospheric circulation in the Northern Hemisphere for the previous season; the possible impacts of large-scale atmospheric anomalies on various sectors of the economy.

The program of the Twentieth Session of North Eurasian Climate Outlook Forum (NEAKOF-20) (doc).

–°onsensus statement of NEACOF-20.