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Forecast Verifications

The Seventeenth session of North Eurasia Climate Outlook Forum (NEACOF-17)

In mid-November 2019, the 17th session of the North Eurasia Climate Outlook Forum (NEACOF-17) was held on the basis of Internet resources with the participation of representatives of the Meteorological services of Russia and the CIS countries.

The forum discussed the main features of atmospheric circulation in June-August 2019, the skill score of forecasts of air temperature and precipitation anomalies for June-August 2019, the expected conditions of the SST in ocean and large-scale atmospheric circulation pattern for the upcoming boreal winter season 2019/2020.

Following the traditions of NEACOF, a consensus forecast of surface air temperature and precipitation anomalies in Russia and the CIS was developed using an objective approach, and based on the results of hydrodynamic modeling from five forecast centers (model of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia / INM - PLAV, model of Main Geophysical Observatory, CanSIPSv2 model of Canadian Weather Service ECCC / MSC, model of the TCC Tokyo Climate Center, model CFSv2 of the Climate Prediction Center, CPC NOAA USA).

Presentations of NEACOF-17:

Consensus statement of NEACOF-17 (doc).