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Forecast Verifications

LRF products issued by NEACC

List of LRF products issued by NEACC for interested National Meteorological and Hydrological Services:


  • Probabilistic forecast maps:

          - Season with zero lead time;

          - Season with 1-month lead time;

          - Forecast for next month with zero lead time

  • Seasonal forecast outlook for RA-VI and northern part of RA-II regions combined with multi-model forecast consistency statement (on the basis of global seasonal forecasts of Roshydromet and other providers);
  • Skill maps for seasonal forecast model SL-AV of the Hydrometcentre of Russia;
  • Forecasts and hindcasts of SL-AV model in the form of binary fields with 1-month resolution (for verification, downscaling, for alternative forms of visualization etc.).


These products are available for all interested National Meteorological and Hydrological Services.

On the matters of authorized access to the restricted area of this site and other related matters (additional forecast variables, levels etc.) contact the relevant focal points.


Forecast products are updated by the end of each month.