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Presentations of NEACOF-23


Preliminary results of the application of a new model for long-range forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Tolstykh M.A., Fadeev R.Yu., Shashkin V.V., Travova S.V., Zaripov R.B., Goyman G.S., Alipova K.A., Kruglova E.N. (Hydrometeorological Center of Russia/INM RAS)

Seasonal forecast of ice parameters with the model of the INM RAS Tarasevich M. A., Vorobyeva V. V., Volodin E. M., Gritsun A. S. (INM RAS/Hydrometeorological Center of Russia/MIPT)

Madden-Julian oscillation as the main mode of sub-seasonal variability of the atmosphere in the tropics Nabokova E.V., Kulikova I.A. (Hydrometeorological Center of Russia).

Monitoring of atmospheric circulation conditions for the summer period 2022 Sumerova K. A., Tishchenko V.A. (Hydrometeorological Center of Russia)

Features of agrometeorological conditions of the growing season in 2022 Klang P.S., Bereza O.V. and co-authors (Hydrometeorological Center of Russia)

Review of seasonal forecasts for the winter of 2022/2023 based on the results of the world's leading prognostic centers Kaverina E.S., Kulikova I.A. and co-authors (Hydrometeorological Center of Russia)

Messages of the CIS NGMS:

Consensus forecast for winter 2022/2023 and discussions Tishchenko V.A., Khan V. M. (Hydrometeorological Center of Russia)

Consequences of the expected climatic conditions on the economy and social life Emelina S. V. and co-authors (Hydrometeorological Center of Russia)