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Presentations of NEACOF-13


November 14, 2017

Issue of long-range ensemble weather forecasts at the NEACC
D.B. Kiktev, M.A. Tolstoy, R.B. Zaripov, E.N. Kruglova, I.A. Kulikova, V.A. Tishchenko, V.M. Khan (Hydrometeorological Center of Russia/NEACC)

Ensemble approach in the development of long-term statistical and synoptical forecasts Integration of empirical and hydrodynamic predictions
V.Y. Tsepelev, V.M. Khan (North-West UGMS, NEACC)

The verification system of long-range ensemble forecasts in Roshydromet
Tishchenko V.A. (Hydrometeorological Center of Russia/NEACC)

A practical example of developing of meteorological forecast for a month using the automated system "Long-term forecaster"
N.P. Mironicheva (North-West UGMS)

Postprocessing of hydrodynamic long-range weather forecasts
Kryzhov V.N. (Hydrometeorological Center of Russia/NEACC)

Large-scale modes of atmospheric variability and predictive signals in the North Eurasia
Kulikova I.A. (Hydrometeorological Center of Russia/NEACC)

Methodology for calculating the climatic vulnerability of the territory on the basis of dimensionless climatic indices
V.A. Oganesyan (Hydrometeorological Center of Russia)

November 15, 2017

Specialized climate services
V.M. Khan ((Hydrometeorological Center of Russia))

Contribution of the NEACC and NEACOF to the improvement of the climate services in the CIS region
V.M. Khan (NEACC)

A new version of the technology of long-range forecasting based on global atmosphere model SL-AV
M. Tolstykh, D.Kiktev (Institute of Numerical Mathematics, Hydrometeorological Center of Russia)

Long-range forecasting at Climate Prediction Center NOAA
Arun Kumar (CPC NOAA)

Long-term forecasting technology at the Beijing Climate Center
Peiqun Zchang (BCC CMA)

Development of forecasting system on an interannual scale based on coupled model of the INM RAS
E. Volodin, A. Gritsun (INM RAS)

November 16, 2017

Climate services in the Arctic within the framework of the PARCC network for RA-II
Smolyanytsky V.M. (AARI)

On the predictability of interannual climate variability in the Arctic region
Alekseev G.V. (AARI)

Predictability of seasonal climate anomalies over northern Eurasia and forecasts for 2017/18 winter from GPC-Washington
Arun Kumar (CPC NOAA)

Forecast for the 2017/2018 winter from GPC-Beijing
Peiqun Zchang (BCC CMA)

JMA Seasonal Prediction for North Eurasia Climate for the winter 2017/2018
Outlook for summer 2017 over Japan
Tokyo Climate Center

Cold wave in Baku
V. I. Mamedova (Meteorological Service of Azerbaijan), U.R. Tagiyeva, D.N. Ahmedova (NANA)

Dynamic-climatic study of cold and heat waves in the Ararat Valley
Petrosyan Z., G. Melkonyan E Khalatyan, S. Sargsyan, N. Piliposyan, A. Pyan (Meteorological Service of Armenia)

Assessment of changes in climatic characteristics in Belarus based on the use of numerical models
Danilovich I., Gaier B. (Belhydromet)

Advisory seasonal forecast for the period of November 2017-March 2018
Sakimova M. (Kazhydromet)